The Quarterly Journal of Finance

Introduced by the MFA in 2011, the Quarterly Journal of Finance intends to publish high-quality papers in all areas of finance, including corporate finance, asset pricing, financial econometrics, international finance, macro-finance, behavioral finance, banking and financial intermediation, capital markets, risk management and insurance, derivatives, quantitative finance, corporate governance and compensation, investments and entrepreneurial finance.

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David Feldman, UNSW Sydney
Bernadette A. Minton, Ohio State University
Fernando Zapatero, Boston University


We are pleased to announce that the QJF has received its first journal impact factor and it has scored 0.7 for 2022. This is a significant milestone for the journal, as it provides a quantitative measure of its influence in the scientific community. Being assigned an impact factor also reflects the QJF's increasing visibility and reputation, so we hope that you consider the journal as an outlet for your research.

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